Things The Inspector Will Look For During Your Electrical Inspection

electrical inspections

Electrical inspections are extremely important if you value safety and keeping your home or business’s electrical system in good condition. After all, we use electricity daily for countless different things, so a sudden power outage due to faulty wiring can ruin your day.

During an electrical inspection, a qualified electrician will come and take a look at your property’s electrical system. They’ll make sure that everything’s alright and in good condition. If there are any issues, they’ll know how to handle them safely and efficiently.

But what exactly are they looking for? You might be wondering this if you’re someone who doesn’t know a lot about electrical systems. Understanding what happens during an electrical inspection can help you better understand your property’s system, and it can even help you know what to look out for in the future. 

When Should I Have An Inspection Conducted?

Before we cover what an electrician will look for, you might be asking yourself, ‘is it time to schedule an electrical inspection for my home?’ You should consider hiring an electrician to perform an inspection if:

  • Your Electrical System Hasn’t Been Inspected In A Long Time. If you know that your system hasn’t been professionally inspected in a long time, you may want to have it seen by a qualified electrician, even if it seems fine. 
  • Changes Were Made To Your Property. Electrical inspections are vital if your property was recently renovated or altered in some way. If your electrical system was affected or new wiring was installed into your home, then you should have a professional inspect your system to make sure it’s running safely.
  • Your Notice Clear Issues With Your Electrical System. If you notice any troubling issues with your electrical system, such as hot outlets or malfunctions, you should call an electrician to find and fix the problems. It’s important to have a qualified electrician verify if your system is or isn’t safely functioning if you suspect there’s something wrong with your electricity.

Electrical inspections can help you find and fix any potentially dangerous issues with your home or business’s electrical system. Electricity and electrical components can be extremely dangerous if mishandled or damaged, so neglecting your system can lead to serious accidents in the future. 

When your property is inspected, consider asking your electrician any questions you have about what they’re looking for. They can help clear up any concerns you have regarding your electricity. They can also tell you what warning signs to look for when judging if you’re experiencing electrical problems.

A Few Things Your Electrician Will Look For During Your Inspection

Although what they specifically look for may differ depending on your situation, a professional will often check these things when they perform electrical inspections:

Wiring. They will check the condition of the wiring in your property. This includes checking the insulation and connections and inspecting any exposed wires. They’ll make sure to look for any signs of damage, such as overheating, fraying or arcing. 

If you notice any issues with wiring in your home, it’s very important that you don’t try to handle or fix the problem alone. Improperly handling wires can lead to injuries and damage and should be left to the professionals who know how to do so safely. 

Outlets And Switches. They will check your outlets and switches for loose connections, damage and proper grounding. Malfunctioning outlets can become hot or discoloured, so your electrician will watch for this. 

Circuit Breakers And Fuses. They will examine your circuit breakers and fuses for proper operation and to make sure that they are the correct size for the circuits they are protecting.

Earthing. Your property’s grounding system helps your home stay safe and functional, so it’s crucial to check during electrical inspections. Your electrician will inspect the grounding system to make sure it’s installed properly and that it’s working as it should. 

Lighting. They will also check your lighting for loose connections and damage and to see if they’re operating correctly. Lighting issues are one of the easiest things for average people to notice. So, if you’ve seen your lights flickering, buzzing or otherwise acting strangely, you should ask your electrician about it.

Appliances. Any major appliances, such as your stove, dryer or refrigerator, should be checked for proper grounding and any signs of electrical damage. Just like with your lighting, you should tell your electrician if you’ve noticed any concerning problems with these major appliances.

Where You Can Find Thorough, Reliable Electricians In Aotearoa

Electrical inspections are key to keeping New Zealand electrical systems safe and functional. Problems can happen when you least expect them to, especially if you don’t know how to identify subtle signs of electrical damage, so an inspection can help you catch and fix problems before they become worse. 

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