How to Choose The Best Commercial Electricians or Contractors

How to Choose The Best Commercial Electricians or Contractors

Electricity is something we rely on every single day in New Zealand. Industrial, commercial and residential spaces use electricity for a variety of things. To ensure that your building’s electricity is working correctly and safely, you’ll need the help of a commercial electrician. 

Along with finding an electrician to help with immediate problems, it’s also a fantastic idea to find an electrical services company that you trust. Then, if any issues occur in your building’s electrical system, you’ll know exactly who to call, and you’ll have faith that they’ll help you. 

But how do you know whom to choose? You likely have a handful of options in your area; how can you tell who’s best for you?

What Should I Look At When I Select My Dependable Electrician?

Your choice of electrician can be made easier if you look at certain qualities. Industrial electricians with many good qualities are more likely to get the job done right, complete their work efficiently and be easy to talk to. 

Be sure to pay attention to these qualities as you choose your electrical services company:

What Locations They Can Go To. Naturally, be sure to select an electrician who can visit your area. Only look at electrical services companies that work in, or can travel to, your location. Some companies can travel to many places, whereas others only stick to a select few.

For example, at XP Electrical, we’re happy to travel all around to help our valued clients. We’re based in Hamilton but can travel across the Waikato to Cambridge, Te Awamutu, Otorohanga, Huntly, Ngaruawahia, Waihi, Matamata, Morrinsville, Raglan, Tokoroa and further! Please call our team if you’d like to know more about where we can go.

Their Qualifications. Look at how qualified your industrial electrician is. Fixing and adjusting electrical systems is a complicated job that could be dangerous if done by an inexperienced person. Only hire an electrician who has the training, experience, tools, knowledge and qualifications to work with your building’s electrical system. 

How They Communicate. No one wants to work with an electrician who’s rude, disrespectful or who doesn’t listen to what you have to say. This is your electrical system that they’re working with, so your electrician should communicate with you in a friendly yet professional way. 

Look for an electrician who knows what they’re doing but also knows that your satisfaction and comfort are important. They should speak to you clearly and listen to you respectfully.

Their Services. Not all industrial electricians offer the same services. So, always check what services they provide before you hire them. If you’re looking for electrical services for an industrial or commercial space, ensure you’re speaking to an electrician who’s comfortable working in those types of spaces. 

Some electricians only work in residential spaces, some only in commercial spaces and so on. 

At XP Electrical, we’re happy to service our customers’ industrial, commercial and residential spaces. We also offer services for renovations, new builds and more! 

Their Prices. Never forget to check how much you’ll need to pay them for their services. Good tradespeople are always transparent about their prices. If their prices aren’t set numbers, they should be happy to provide you with a calculated estimate of how much their services will cost depending on your details. 
Their Customer Reviews. To really see what an industrial electrician’s reputation is like, always check out their customer reviews. What do their past clients have to say about them? Do they recommend their services? Customer feedback is a reliable source because they have no reason to lie to you.

When Should I Call An Electrician?

Now you know what to look at when you search for your electrician, but there’s still something else you should know about – how do you know when to hire an electrician?

Some, but certainly not all, of the reasons why you should call your electrician are:

  • You Want To Be Safe. Electrical inspections are a great way to ensure your electrical system is safe. If your building underwent renovations or is new, or if you simply want to ensure that it’s safe with a routine inspection, you can call your trustworthy electrician.
  • Your Lights Are Flickering Or Not Working Correctly. If your lights show signs of damage or are not working, you can call your electrician.
  • You Hear Odd Noises. Do you notice strange buzzing sounds from your lights? You may want to get your electrician to check your electrical system.

Who Can I Call In New Zealand Regarding Industrial Electrician Services?

Trust us at XP Electrical to offer you all the electrical services you need to keep your space’s electrical system running smoothly. We’re happy to visit industrial spaces, commercial spaces, residential spaces and more!

Please don’t hesitate to call us at 0800 497 353 if you’re interested in our services. We’d be happy to provide answers to any questions you may have. 

Keep your lights on and your building safe with XP Electrical.