Wired for Excellence: Hiring the Right Commercial Electrician for Your Business

Commercial electrician

Electricity is an important part of life for residential, commercial and industrial spaces in New Zealand. Particularly, if you want your business to stay productive, you’ll need to make sure your commercial space’s electrical system is in good shape. How do you do this? The best thing you can do is to find a reliable commercial electrician to help you out. 

It’s essential that you find a great electrical company before your electrical system faces any problems, not after. This way, if any malfunctions or emergencies occur, you can know exactly who to call without wasting any time scrambling to find a qualified electrician. 

But how do you find your trusty electrician? Continue reading to learn a few things you should always check when searching for your new go-to NZ electrician. 

What You Need To Look At When Choosing Your Commercial Electrician

Where do you start? When evaluating a potential electrician for your business, be sure to look at these qualities: 

Qualifications. Of course, you’ll want electricians who are qualified for the work that they’ll be handling. This will show that they’re prepared and ready to offer you the services you need. Electrical systems can be complicated, so it’s best to entrust yours to someone who knows what they’re doing. 

Experience. Experience matters quite a lot when it comes to handling electrical wiring, malfunctioning systems, complicated equipment and everything else involved with electrical services. Consider a commercial electrician who has plenty of experience with other tasks and projects. If you’re experiencing anything specific, such as a particular issue with your lighting or wiring, ask your potential electrician if they’ve dealt with anything similar in the past. 

Reviews. Whenever you’re looking for a new tradesperson, you should never solely go off of what they say about themselves. It’s smart to research their site and their story, but always check what others have said as well to gauge their reputation. Doing so is fast and easy – just perform a Google search of their company, and then check their Google Business Profile to view their star rating and any reviews left by past clients. If you end up hiring them and you like the service you get, why not leave a happy review yourself? 

You can also ask business associates and friends who have worked with them before to learn about their personal experiences.

Safety Practices. It’s no secret that electricity can be dangerous. Malfunctioning systems or reckless behaviour can lead to shocks or fires, so electrical matters should always be handled with care. Ask your potential commercial electrician about their safety standards. What do they do to prevent accidents? Will they be sure to wear the proper safety gear? 

Specific Services. If you’re experiencing a specific issue or are looking for particular services, you’ll need an electrician who can fulfil your requirements. Tell your potential electrician about what you’re experiencing, or what you expect, to check if they can provide you with what you need. For instance, if your system seems fine but you’d like an inspection conducted to be safe, ask if they perform inspections for commercial spaces. 

Communication. A good electrician should be easy to contact, responsive to inquiries and a pleasure to work with. While an electrician doesn’t have to have excellent people skills to properly fix an electrical problem, strong communication will help the process be more streamlined and will prevent mistakes. 

Pricing. Price should not be the only thing you look at when choosing a commercial electrician, but it’s still an important factor. Check how much your electrician will charge for their services, including labour fees, travel fees and how much the specific service you want will cost. If you’re unsure of how much your services will cost, don’t be afraid to call them directly to ask for assistance.

Compliance. It’s extremely important for commercial properties to stay compliant with local NZ codes and regulations. Compliance with these standards isn’t just important from a legal standpoint; it will also help ensure your space is safe. When altering your electrical system in any way, you should discuss permits, regulations and any other important legal matters with your electrician to understand what you can and can’t do. 

Maintenance. Regular maintenance is key to finding issues early and preventing serious problems down the track. It will also keep your electrical system in good condition, thus helping it last longer with minimal malfunctions. Ask your potential electrician about the maintenance services they offer and how they can provide you with long-term support. Remember that even if your system seems fine, there could be underlying issues that you haven’t noticed, so routine inspections and maintenance are important. 

Finding The Right Electrical Services Company For You In NZ

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